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How do we connect?

The Health Tech Digest with Dr. Williams is a virtual interactive video session. All you need is an internet connection, a microphone (or smart phone) and a quiet space.

How do I need to do to prepare?

Just show up. The best interviews are unscripted. Dr. Williams will do some light research about your company and innovation. Be prepared to answer questions about your experiences, your most difficult moments, how you overcame them, what decisions had the greatest effect on your success, and insights you want to share with other innovators.

What is Health Tech Digest with Dr. Williams?

Health Tech Digest with Dr. Williams is a live interactive video show where health innovators speak about their experiences in healthcare, technology and successful outcomes. What choices had the greatest impact on their success? What obstacles did they overcome to get where they are today? What advice would they give other healthcare innovators?

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