Cynthia Williams, Ph.D., MHA, PT


Dr. Cynthia Williams is an accomplished professional with clinical and administrative experience. Dr. Williams has an interdisciplinary background that enhances her ability to serve the community. As a physical therapist, she has 14 years of comprehensive clinical experience where she was involved in implementation of electronic medical records and remote monitoring for chronic disease management. She has used technology to facilitate health education, self-care management, inter professional engagement, and its contribution to quality outcomes and health equities.  After 8 years as a home care owner, she understands the challenges that healthcare organizations experience in balancing the business needs and patient priorities in light of the growing problem of health disparities/inequities, chronic diseases, and mental health. In her role, she consults with the national and local organizations implementing programs/systems, evaluating business and  health and social services  outcomes. Her current and past projects include evaluating a text messaging program for low income minority women to improve mental health, health inequities in telehealth use, and mental health services in child welfare services.

Dr. Williams’ service extends beyond her immediate community. She serves as the Policy Chair  and Governing Councilor of Community Health Planning and Policy Development Section of the American Public Health Association. In 2020, Dr. Williams co-authored a policy “Health Inequities in the U.S. COVID 2019 Pandemic and Response”  that was supported and adopted by the American Public Health Association.  She also served as a Guest Editor for Sage Journals and is currently on the editorial board of the American Journal of Public Health. She has extensive experience as a peer reviewer for several journals. Dr. Williams is well published in peer-reviewed journals and has given several peer reviewed presentations.

She has used her position to impact vulnerable populations and strengthen partnerships. The complexity of  health and social services requires interdisciplinary collaboration and shared insights that benefit agencies and the people they serve. Her interdisciplinary perspectives are important as a primary investigator and evaluator policies and programs that promote the public good, while also considering potential unintended consequences. Working in concert with others is critical to highlight best practices that will promote the interest of our community and stimulate thinking in innovative ways. Dr. Williams believes that integrating her skills and passions is her  most important personal and professional contribution.  

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Florida Public Health Association

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American Public Health Association

Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council